Hi everybody I've been reading your posts getting to know whats going on for

Hi everybody I’ve been reading your posts getting to know whats going on for a while and you helped me a lot ,i have ordered my no1 D5 and waiting for the Delivery, Very interesting whats going on with this new tech. any way , I after the Great help i got hear and from XDA developers ,and most of All" #Smartwatch ticks#" videos on You tube ,this Guy is Amazing and i see him Around here too ,thank you so much sir ,i had so much Fun watching your videos OVER and over again ,anyway didn’t wanna show up empty handed so ,here is a little try of mine using the amazing CLOCK SKIN MAKER ,so hope you like it and feel free to down load it and tell me what you think!!


I forgot to put an image of the skin till after i posted tried to edit but no way here ,i’m new to this G+ thing so sorry

We were all new once :slight_smile:

If I were you I would delete this post and re-post because the watch face is great!

It’s so exciting to see these amazing designs from folks who don’t even have a watch yet to test them on! This really is a fun platform to play on. Thanks!

i made a second post with the pic. of it on check it out