Hi every one I made this skin inspired from the "regrettably" abandoned KW98.

Hi every one

I made this skin inspired from the “regrettably” abandoned KW98.


Original :


love it :slight_smile: it would be awesome if there were more of them :slight_smile: i like this one the most https://www.facebook.com/ShenzhenKingwear/photos/pb.881575878620308.-2207520000.1482938234./1053727684738459/?type=3&theater

but i cant find anywhere parts to build it :frowning:

This is very nice. Would you consider doing a version with a black background instead of white? A black background would save a lot of battery life on these AMOLED screens.


Here is the link to the black version :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+

thanks, it’s very nice

Thank you for such a nice and clean watch face. Love it very much.

As @Lokifish_Marz ​ said, the KW98 is delayed. It will be released once the software is finalised

This black version looks terrific! I have a suggestion if you are up to it. Would it be possible to make this black version but change the temperature section to a battery level meter/indicator? For many of us, having the temp. in Celsius is of no use because we mainly use Fahrenheit in the US. I understand that these watches cant display Fahrenheit, so I feel a battery meter would be more useful. This nice watch shows well on the x5 and is great on battery life. Thanks for all your work on this wonderful watch face.

Great looking, clean, face. Well done!