Hi, created a suitable clockskin for my D5.


created a suitable clockskin for my D5.
As I found some nice ideas and skins here in this forum, I want to support it a little bit.
Thanks to Febri Iswanto for the idea with battery indicator, thanks to http://watchawear.com for part of the background and forum from Steve Giordano (xda-developers) for part of the marker ring.
Have fun, appreciate a short comment.
As I´m from Germany, I´m sorry for the weekday shortcuts in German language…




Nice one,well done and thx for sharing.

Das haste sehr gut gemacht,Danke fürs Teilen.

Very nice and good!

Looks very nice on my D5 …thanks.

not works the battery well

Hi,wery good skin please can you add english days names su,mo,tue English version.