Hi. Anyone can tell me something about the latest versions of kw88 with new

Hi. Anyone can tell me something about the latest versions of kw88 with new 400mah battery. Is it possible to reach a full day with wifi on and a moderate use ?

Mine lasts about 10 hours before going into power saving mode at 15%. Then it lasts for quite a while after that…

Is there a better battery aftermarket for replace the original ?

10 hrs with wifi only On or cellular nw & bluetooth also on?

10 hours with Cellular 3G on most of the time and WiFi when needed. No Bluetooth.

I ordered a KW88 on August 11 from AliExpress. At the time of ordering, the spec for the battery was 350mah. How can I tell what battery it will come with (350mah or 400mah) without taking it apart?

CPU-Z should be able to tell you about the battery. Download from Google Playstore.

I really like this watch, but 10 hours are very few for me. My d5, after 10 hours has about 65-70% of battery, with wifi on and sim card inside for call (lock on 2G).

@Mauro_S Quality of the battery ?

CPUz actually doesn’t tell you the battery size.

Once we have TWRP working correctly for this watch we will be able to lock down the battery drain a little and disable a couple of cores on the CPU.
One of the things people forget - when they see quad core - they think, wow that’s great !!
Well - actually for a watch it’s not great at all. Far too many cores for a simple device like this and so the battery suffers badly :frowning:

In my opinion the ideal watch would be the original X5 with dual core and Android 5.1 for battery management and app compatibility. With that cellular modem attach bug fixed - it would wipe the floor with all these new devices. I am really hoping that we can get 5.1 for that watch or the D5/X1/X3 with the original MTK6572 soc.