Hi Any news on when Finow is going to roll out the updated firmware


Any news on when Finow is going to roll out the updated firmware for the original X5?


I dont think so …they left us with watch full of bugs and bad support. Will not buy anything for them anymore…

I have broken strap on mine x5 .For change strap i need contact seller (Finow ) then send watch to seller, so seller can send watch to factory to change strap and then send back to seller then to me and charge me all instead to sell me just strap so i can change by mineself .It is easyer to buy new watch and not Finow…

I’m using my X5 as just a watch (and sometimes heartrate monitor), not as a smartwatch. I don’t think buying any other brand will be much better, because I believe the entire “android on a watch form factor” concept is a deeply flawed one, with poor software support despite some promising hardware. If someone manages to hack Android Wear, and get that working on a W815 based device, I’ll do that to my X5 because Wear is at the least aware that it runs on a round screen and Wear apps are written accordingly. The biggest let downs with the platform as a whole for me are a) lack of background heartrate monitoring (like a fitbit does), and b) outright lack of apps actually written for round screens.

Yes exactly.

Although the hardware is state of the art if you compare to any smartwatch, but the let down in the software is so bad that it almost breaks the deal.

Finow and other similar watch makers need to really put in a substantial effort to improve the overall UI and also produce good apps for their watches. Normal android apps appear so small on the watch screen that it’s very hard to read or use them.

I hope they will improve on the software and apps if they want to stay alive in this smartwatch race.

@Raheel_Zahoor the problem with this smartwatch ‘race’ is that it is a race that no-one else is running. Google and the big Android vendors don’t support this platform, as they are focusing on Android Wear for wearables. Without official round screen support from Google I don’t think it will go anywhere, and as more Android Wear devices come into existence shoppers will probably buy those instead - Android Wear is still quite a young platform, but is far more mature and developed than this Android on a watch platform.