Hi and hello to everybody.

Hi and hello to everybody. I have been thinking long and hard at purchasing an X5 and if possible I would like to ask one or maybe two noob questions. I have watched @SmartWatch_Ticks back and forth for an explanation but have found none. I looking at aliexpress and the X5:s that are there. There are a “ton” of them and all of them have different prices. Even the “finow store” (Integrity-Superb-Cooperation) has different versions. How do I know that I get the one that is… “THE ONE” is it by the chipset MT6572 or by something else? And by the way love all the work this community is putting into these watches!!

Hello Stefan , my english is bad , sorry. I bought x5 in Aliexpress for 120 euros. I’ m very happy with x5.

Thank you for the Feedback Enrique. I belive I will be happy also.

Could someone point me in the correct direction? :blush:

@stefan_Kjellberg “finow store” (Integrity-Superb-Cooperation), It is the same product, just different links on sale.

Thanks @Jessie_Lin . I am not used to see the same item with different prices in the same store :slight_smile:

Seller was: integrity superb

Got mine from GearBest