Hi. Alright, I just found out about these smartwatches..

Hi. Alright, I just found out about these smartwatches… Been missing the existed totally haha.

I’am looking to buy one. But I can’t decide which one. I Think I want the Finow x5 plus. It’s better then the x5 right?

But is it good? Is it worth my money ? I want a watch that is classy and I think this one is? I want a leather band this one has it.

The most important thing that my watch need to have is a REALLY GOOD heart monitor.

Last, I want to be able to get a meistersinger face on the watch. haha.

Do you guys recommend another watch that is better? It can’t cost more than 150.

Need to be info - Round, classy, metall, leather band, a damn good HR monitor.

Thanks for answers as soon as possible!

MVH The new watch freak.

Yes, the x5 plus is better than the x5 and it is the watch I would recommend. If it is worth the money, absolutely, you get so good a watch for so little money you could almost believe it was a fraud.