Hi all, Unfortunately No1 has officially withdrawn their support for our community and as

Hi all,
Unfortunately No1 has officially withdrawn their support for our community and as such we can no longer offer support for the newer D5+ models.
This is a great shame.
I think that it is particularly sad that they think that the help, support and publicity they get here is not worth the cost price (factory cost) of a few samples.
It would be unfair to our other patrons if we offered support for these watches without the company sending us a sample to help us know what we are talking about. This is the deal we have with manufacturers - they send us a sample - we support it 24hrs a day for free.
It’s a little tricky to this if we don’t have the watch to work with.

They are just a bunch of … !
I have two watches bought from them, and neither one work as expected. Full of bugs.

Never again !

I believe they are taking the gamble that a community unsupported watch will still sell with the general population.
I disagree. Because these watches are sold online, most buyers will google the watch and find no community support.
If another watch has this support, my choice would be easy to make.

its not about the samples
i think they cant offer support to this community because apparently we know more then they do …(:

@Momi_Az lol :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 What about Kingwear? Can you share what their plans are for the KW88 if there are any pending updates or improvements? Thansk!

@Miguel_Tan they don’t see the need to update the watch again unless there is an issue - this would be when they release an OTA.

What about Finow? They are expected to release plus versions to their X line and I see a supposed it Q3 on this forum but are they gonna still play ball with the community?

lets build our own …
start an donation account lik for this community
any one that can donate will do so
there are a lot of great mind and very talented
people here that can contribute so much

you should relay give it a shot

and if it wont raze enough money we can donate t to no 1 for some developer time :slight_smile:

@Lokifish_Marz ​ Thanks Bro. Very disheartening but I expected as much.

This is the official communication from No1:

I have not breaking partner ship, and I already talk you before, can not sent 3 sample each time(d6 I apply but company not allow this anymore), you have your rule, I have my rule.

So in their eyes they are not doing anything wrong.

  • “Our advertising and posting here on your community should be allowed - and support our new watch even though we can’t send you one so that you know what you’re talking about…” is basically what they thought was Ok.
    It’s very sad - we pretty much made the regular D5 a public success (without donations) and it is still probably one of the most (if not the most) successful full Android watches.
    But we have no funding and cannot go on sourcing new watches with our own money. We have many personal commitments (family, day jobs etc…)
    That’s why we ask for watches to be donated in exchange for our support and development.
    We do all this for free because we are passionate about it.

For the record - my decision to buy my (excellent) D5 was based on the information that I gathered from this Community and was supported by the videos from Mr SmartWatch Ticks (William)… without either I would not have bought a D5… thank you all very much…

@Andrew_Davis thanks mate :slight_smile: This kind of feedback makes this worthwhile…

@Andrew_Davis I second that. Had it not been for the videos from @SmartWatch_Ticks on the Q1 I would have been lost and probably gotten so frustrated that I would have kept my money and not bought a watch.

Thanks for the great feedback for @Lokifish_Marz , @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , and SWT. We really appreciate it. Like Loki and Pablo, I’ve had my share of trouble trying to get a simple watch sample to review. The first 6 months of SWT videos were self funded. I spent so much I could have had at least two really nice Wear watches if I had been willing to spring for them from the get-go. I hit up watch companies left and right to the same dead end. The watch makers don’t care. the watch retailers do. That’s how I get most of my inventory now, from Gearbest and Everbuying and the like. Watch for review. Tit for tat. But that won’t work here.

I think we are expecting too much from the makers of these watches. They just don’t have the marketing eye that to give a little will get a lot. If this were my G+ Channel here’s what I would do:

I would recognize that my audience and market is YOU. Yes you reading this right now. You either bought a watch or want to buy one. You have a problem and need help flashing, want to replace a battery in a watch, or have some deeper need and are looking for assistance. You’re designing watch faces you want to share or you are looking for watch faces to enhance your watch. YOU are the one who gets value in exchange for nothing from the tireless hours of support here.

I’d change the perspective and either make this a subscription service or start pushing hard for financial support from “viewers like you”. I would create a pool of cash from which to buy watches – all kinds of Android based Round [and square] watches for each of the key tech advisors here to use for support.

We need No.1. Not to beg for watches, but to supply good product to the masses, product that we can take and turn into great product with feedback and support to our users, YOU. We need you, the watch owners, to come forward with your questions. Watch developers presenting us with new designs, Joy and appreciation for each other. A real community.

This wasn’t possible a few months ago. But this community has grown from a few hundred to 2,766 as I look at the number in the upper left corner. If only 10% of our subscribers felt a 5% contribution toward continued support on this channel for ALL Android watches would be worth it, well, let’s do the math.
Watch costs $100
5% investment in tech support is $5
10% of 2766 is 276 contributors
276 folks donating $5 is $1,380.

I totally trust @Lokifish_Marz to collect donations on behalf of this community and invest those funds wisely into watches, test gear, spare part sources (so we could easily get extra batteries and things), etc. We only need to look to our CUSTOMER for payment, not our SUPPLIER. It’s basic business.

So what, members? Would you be willing to give $5 so the team can buy some watches, particularly the new D5+ when it gets released? We haven’t even heard from ZGPAX at all on their watches as I understand. Are they automatically unsupported as well? Where does it stop?

I’m in favor of self-funding a self-sustainable community of co-contributors and mutual supporters and backing off from the watch makers. They don’t want our support. End users do.

IMHO, totally wrong direction !

Manufacturer or supplier, if they want to sell their goods, must finance all the good souls willing to “bug” out their crappy firmwares, which is really crappy and unfinished.
I rather say, “half product”.
And Lokifish and ather good people are willing to do that, to help.

Clok Skins is IMHO least important, basic network functions like swicthing wifi/3g/2g and vice versa not working like it should be. Very annoying. And i’am talking about most important functionality, networking. Not to mention other broken stuff.

I’am tipical consumer, and want fully functioning product.
If product leaflet says that something is working, than it should be working, isn it?

For example, i have ther A10 also, 3-rugged, bla bla bla…
Space shit stuff, but it doesn’t have basic “wakeup” function when i wrist my hand, altough their leaflet says proudly that it have that feature.
And i’am not the only one to notice that: http://en.001phone.cn/download-42.html

They are stoburn pointing us to the option in software, which DOESN’T EXIST. There is no “motion detect” option.
Stupid, isn it?

I think that we should stop buying their shit stuff.

Best regards !

Loki is right, i thought too that do fund will be great but not after the responses we got from these companies and using WF of members here who worked hard on them, i do think that it is better that the community will have a fund but as Loki said not like paying these companies.

Three things to consider:

A) This community must stay objective. Rate every watch on it’s build-quality, specs and customer support. All seen through un-sponsored eyes.

B) Hack the sh*t out of each watch system to unleash it’s full potential. (The watchmakers are just a link in between SinnSoft and the consumers and have little influence on the development)

C) Be open to watchmakers that show remorse and have changed their minds. Give them a second chance to prove themselves.

New consumers looking for Smartwatches and Brandnames land on this G+ page. GDNL

(Google Does Not LIE :wink:

@Kenneth_Tan thanks mate.
Have you seen this https://plus.google.com/107705277079377379833/posts/JX3jn4V3ZcU
I am trying desperately to get things put right. It’s extremely difficult sometimes…

How about a click through link that raises revenue (to purchase what is needed)… or a direct deal with a retailer (à la SMT)… or an arrangement with manufactures for less than 3 watches… ?