Hi all, This is my first post here in G+ Smartwatch section.

Hi all,
This is my first post here in G+ Smartwatch section.
Well, this is my first No.1 D5+ smartwatch that I received two weeks ago and it run smooth and beautiful so far. I was wearing the Tissot PRC200 for some time now and wish I could somehow have it in my smartwatch custom clockskin selection. If anybody here kind enough and help me doing it, I would appreciate it and buy you a beer or something similar… Thanks!

There’s a few tissot on my profile. Not the same u might like them


Ya I can add dropbox link and attach to google link. Give me a few

Go to link and there’s dropbox there now

I have 3 or 4 tissot on my profile I’m going to have to port all of them but check EM out

Johnny… Thanks alot… but when you’re free, it would be nice to have the exact model hopefully… Will check also in the link given above. Take your time.
Lokifish… really appreciate the assistance there.

You guys are great…!!

@Md_Azim I may be able to do it. Can you also google and send a few different pics of that same watch?

@Lokifish_Marz ​​ The tissot link I posted has the same hands I think. I modified them from ram Mors hands . You may be able to use them

Well, it doesn’t matter on that small dails. But better for it be Battery, Month and Date… really really appreciate your action here…

Night Dim… Great!

@johnny_d … I see your G+ page… There’s a lot of great watch faces. Are they compatible for D5? Are they ready for use? How can I get them and use for my watch??

@Md_Azim first u need to buy the watchmaker app on google play if u haven’t. Then u need to download watch. The problem is all my watches are on http://watchawear.com and there having issues so I need to create a dropbox link for all my watches and repost them, which I’ll do in the next few days. If u need more help I’ll be available tomorrow. Getting late now :crescent_moon:

So the watchmaker app won’t work for D5+ ?
Lokifish… anyway you could work on the watchface I posted above?

@johnny_d @Lokifish_Marz @Md_Azim
Reading the requests that @Md_Azim is making and the good support he’s already getting. I would suggest to @Md_Azim to first read up on the possibilities and problems (and work) it takes for this watchface to operate as he would like. I would prefer if @Lokifish_Marz would send newcomers to a read-up section so that they will be up to speed before making these big requests without little inside knowledge.

@johnny_d Thank you for offering your cross-community support. I’ve seen some beautiful renditions of watches, including night mode. I’d love to convert some to this platform in the near future. @Lokifish_Marz Has set up some great community and collaboration rules. Securing your designs and copyrights.
But there is a little problem. Some of your designs are co-ops. So without the other authors consent we cannot use them.

@Lokifish_Marz no problem… take your time… I’m glad to be here having nice people around… Thumbs up…!!

@Kenneth_Tan so I understand, you are talking about converting a watchmaker watch to one that someone could download on google play or as a standalone apk?

I have the option now to convert the graphic design of an WM WF to a new functioning APK, with reprogramming the functions to work on any Android device.

Have a look at this basic example and run it on any device you have available.

I saw the example. So how do I convert my watch exactly?

@johnny_d You can’t. I have to do this at this moment in the development of the app.

I haven’t reading all comment of this post, just saw it few days ago someone asking for repo the tissot watch. I also think that it’s cool. so I made it. sorry @Lokifish_Marz if you already start your work on this.

here’s my version : https://plus.google.com/105007632528094326435/posts/8425o4j99N7