Hi All, Some news from one of our sponsors:

Hi All,
Some news from one of our sponsors:
In a few weeks the KW98 will be released by KingWear. It is unbranded and intended for wholesale. There are some slight differences to the original samples we had - I will share more when we have more information.
There is a brand new model coming ! The KW99!!
Expected price range $120 - $150 USD - indicative pricing.
Stainless steel case, leather strap
Dimensions: 56.54714mm.
CPU: MTK6580 quad core 1.3GHz.
Android 5.1 OS.
Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with iOS and Android OS.
RAM 512GB (possible to apply for 1gb at extra $6 USD) + ROM - storage 8GB.
Display: 1.39 inch AMOLED, resolution: 400*400pixel, 260000colors.
G-sensor, heart rate sensor, sensor hub.
Phone function: 3G WCDMA 850/2100 or customized for larger orders, 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 quad-bands.
Bluetooth/Local SMS.
Heart rate sensor, pedometer, gesture.
Anti-lost, notification reminding, remote capture, remote music.
Google maps, Google play, Google now.
Weather, Sound recorder, Browser
OTA for future firmware updates
We will be updating you all soon

KW99 is beautiful, I’m interested.

Yes - looks good :slight_smile: We will have more news soon.

The best thing is that visually we can easily change the bracelet

@Berilo_Passos No - that is not possible - regardless of how the photo looks …
Cannot change the strap as the antennas are embedded inside. Like all these watches.

looking good, at last watch for mens. :slight_smile:

The android clocks should already be 4G with 1 + gb ram and 4 + rom with TF slot and no black borders from there on would already depend on any other aggregate or desing.

I’m waiting for real pics, not a photoshopped.

Look much better, like the style between classic and sporty

I hope for 500mah battery capacity

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ It will be? I see that there are gaps between the box and the bracelet on the sides. I may be wrong. That’s if the photo is real

@Berilo_Passos When you want, I can made it for you without strap :wink: That just PS… :slight_smile: This photo not a real… concept…

@zsolt_m ​ All right, I get it. Thanks

I hope it has more memory as 8gb is a bit dated

@Gaz_Easton 8 gb is generally more than adequate. I have a couple of 16gb models and I never use anywhere near even 5gb…
It’s really not that important for a watch.

@zsolt_m yes - we will have the real deal soon for you to see

What’s wrong with this company 400 or 450mah batteries capacity. No good

@rafael_duarte my guess is that they are trying to strike a balance between performance and having a watch as thick as 17mm or more

+Pablo Eleven (Pablo11) its just that i use mine as more than just a watch such as ftp server for transfering files without carrying dongles or dock etc. The amount of dongles ive lost lol

@Gaz_Easton wow - ok but I must warn you that the days of the 16gb storage are almost over. All manufactures are going back to 8gb or less - see what happens over the next couple of months :slight_smile: