Hi all, nice to be here with you.

Hi all, nice to be here with you.
I just got the Zeblaze Blitz, and I will happy to share with you my progress in trying to make something better out of it, if there will be any :slight_smile:
In the meantime, did someone find the live wallpapers libraries for these watches? I tried to use the apk found on some other of my devices, and they don’t work. Anyone? :slight_smile:

Did you root the Blitz before installing the libraries?

Of course, sorry for not mentioning it.
I tried to place both /system/app/LiveWallpapers/http://LiveWallpapers.apk and /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker/http://LiveWallpapersPicker.apk without success. Is there a link to download the right ones?

Does someone have a MTK6580 android5.1 device? If someone shared the content of folder that i mentioned above, I could try something out…

Be very careful using live wallpapers on watches. I tried it (successfully) on the K18 but it drained battery very fast and got very hot.
Now I noticed that Olivier has tried it on his Zeblaze Blitz and nearly melted it :slight_smile:
Be very careful guys…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ that’s not good news. If it heats up like with the meltdown I had with Team viewer I can immediately stop testing KLWP as a potential clockface alternative.
Back to Tasker and Zooper Pro.

@Kenneth_Tan see here https://plus.google.com/107625762144854187593/posts/Y1TUMvyfY1X

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thanks, so I’ll look into KLWP if it uses OpenGL. If that’s the powermonger…