Hi all. I'm not too much of a fan of the original N1 D5 UI,

Hi all.
I’m not too much of a fan of the original N1 D5 UI, so I’m working on a complete redesign for it.
I’m not a developer, so I’m using some tools I know a little bit, like Tasker and GMD Gesture Control, for example.
I have already done a quick settings, which is accessable from anywhere. I mean, I can show it even if I’m using any application, or from any page of the launcher, what cannot be done with the stock quick settings (you have to be on the watchface page to be able to swipe up and see it).
There are already two working sliders for volume and brightness.
Everything on the Quick Settings is already working as well (except for the Mobile Type. Sometimes it takes too long to change to 2G, for example). If I click and hold on the toggles icons, it opens the respective settings page. So by clicking on the Wifi icon, it toggles the Wifi service, and pressing and holding, it opens the Wifi settings page.
Now I’m working on a Power Menu. Just the design so far. No functionalities have been implemented to it, and of course, the icons are not final. Just used some aleatory ones in order to design the page.
I’ll try to post a vídeo till the end of the week, showing how it works. There are some really nice transition animations on it.

PS. Not sure if it’s on the right section.

Can u guide me how to make my watch look like this

@Alessandro_Domingos ​ tell me quick settings how to

Nice! Can you apply airplane toggle

Looks like some really detailed work going on there Alessandro, bet that’s taking you quite a while. Look forward to being able to try this UI out!

Hi @Junaid_Siddiqui , if you want only the quick settings I can share with you as soon as I finish it.
You will need to install Tasker in order to run it. Along with AutoShortcut plugin.
And also an app for triggering it. I use GMD Gesture Control. So I’ve set a gesture at GMD that when I do a swipe up from the very bottom, it will call a Tasker task that shows the Quick Settings scene.
If you have some experience with Tasker it will be easy to have it running.

Hi @Isaac_Abraham , it seems you can do it. I’m already working on a second version of the Quick Settings with more toggles and I was planning to have the airplane mode as well.
It seems airplane mode toggle doesn’t work at Tasker for android versions 4.2+, and you would need to install the Secure Settings plugin. The only problem I see is that we do not have that much space on our watches to keep installing too many apps, even though this plugin is not that big (1.4M).

Yes @Chris_Hawkins , it’s really taking a while. But I’m actually having a lot of fun with it =D

@Alessandro_Domingos totally understand. Personally, I like to limit Bluetooth exposure via toggling airplane as Wear does not have such a specific feature. Thanks for the consideration!

Hi, can I download your Tasker project?

nice work @Alessandro_Domingos good to see you around again :slight_smile:

Hi @Tom_K , it’s not finished yet. I’ll definetly share it with you guys when it’s ready. Maybe next week (at least the quick settings), if my kids let me work on it =)

Hey @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 . Thanks!

great work…i will like to use it…in my D5…Thank´s in advance…

Hope this also works for Finow X5, looks very good

Hi :slight_smile:
What about it?
I would like to use it!

I think he’s working on it. Please be patient. @Alessandro_Domingos will let us know when it’s ready…

Hi guys, sorry about that. I really do not have too much time to dedicate to this. Do it just as a hobby.
Besides that, I’m kind of perfectionist, so I did not want to release it until it was 100% working.
But I guess it’s already OK for you to start using it if you want to.
This version needs the AutoShortcut plugin (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joaomgcd.autoshortcut) in order for the Engeneering Mode shortcut (on the Power page) to work. As well as MobileUncle app, which is already part of the ROM I’m using (W812a Imperium v1.1.0 from @Lokifish_Marz ​). I’m not sure if you can find it at the play store though. I’ve searched for it but was not able to find.
If you don’t need this feature, I believe all the rest will work only by installing the APK.
Please keep in mind that this Quick Settings was designed to work on top of any other app or launcher. So it doesn’t make too much sense if you have to actually click on the app icon at the app drawer to show it. So I suggest you use some app like GMT Gesture Control (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodmooddroid.gesturecontroldemo - I’m using the paid version) or Swipe Home Button (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.matthewma.swipehomebuttonfree). On both cases you can set a gesture (like swipe up from the very bottom) to trigger the app and show the Quick Settings layer.

A quick user guide:

  • the “gear” icon at the left will open the stock settings page;
  • by clicking on the Volume icon, it will show a pop up with the main volume slider. Note: it controls only the main volume. So it will not apply to media or alarm volumes. I intend to add two more sliders in the future, for those volumes. If you click and hold the icon, it will open the Volume Settings page;
  • by clicking on the Brightness icon, it will show a pop up layer with the brightness slider. Note: it seems the lower brightness we are able to set is 20. So even if you slide to 0, next time you open it again it will most probaly be set to 20. If you click and hold, it will open the hidden dislpay settings;
  • by clicking on the Power icon, it will show a customized Power page. It currently has 5 icons. I was not able to make the Power Saving toggle to work yet (so it currently does not have any action associated with it). The Eng. Mode icon will open MTK Engeneering Mode settings (as long as you have AutoPlay plugin and MobieUncle installed). The other 3 are working just fine and are self explanatory (power off the device, normal reboot and reboot to recovery mode, just in case =);
  • the Battery icon shows the current power level. I did not have the time yet to implement the functionality to show the bolt symbol when it’s charging (connected to power outlet). Click does not do anything, but click and hold will show the battery statistics page. This could be a little trick, as the icon is very small;
  • if you click on the Mobile Data icon it will toggle mobile data on or off. If you click and hold, it will open Network Settings page;
  • if you click on the Bluetooth icon it will toggle bluetooth on or off. If you click and hold, it will open Bluetooth Settings page;
  • if you click on the Wi-fi icon it will toggle wi-fi on or off. If you click and hold, it will open Wi-fi Settings page;
  • the Mobile Signal on the right is not perfectly working yet. I mean, the signal strenght showing is correct, but sometimes it takes too long to update the mobile signal type (2G or 3G). Also, I was not able yet to differentiate between HSPA ans HSPA+, so it will always show the “plus” sign when you are at 3G coverage;
  • and finally, we have the date showing at the bottom. Click does nothing, but click and hold will show the Date and Time Settings page;

Hope you enjoy it.
And suggestions are very wellcome. But I cannot assure I’ll be able to make changes. At least not in a short time =)

Note: I only have a N1 D5, so that was the only watch I have tested it so far. Not sure if it will work on any other model, even if it’s a similar one.
Although I believe it should work on D5’s with stock rom or any other, I cannot guarantee it. Tested only on the Imperium. Please comment if it worked on your watches.

Here is the link to download the APK:

Hi all,
Here are 2 other versions.

For this one, the only difference is that the customized Power Menu has a black background and white font (instead of white background and black font from the first version).
This version needs AutoShortcut plugin installed.

At this version, when we click on the Power icon, it opens the original Power Menu (the one that opens when we press and hold the physical button), instead of the customized Power Menu from the previous versions.
For you guys that want to keep using the original power menu, without having to actually press the physical button, thus preserving it.
This version needs AutoShortcut plugin and GMT Gesture Control installed.