Hi all, I'm new here.

Hi all, I’m new here.

Want to share with you one widget that to me is the best one to configure a watchface.
Unfortunately there is no root yet for the KW88 so we are limited to launchers and widgets.

I am using Nova Launcher and Pujie Black as widget. I like how the watch look and it greatly present its 400x400 screen. Widget is not using the whole screen (don’t know if there is a way to do it on Nova or if there is another lanucher that allows it.

Pujie Black is not for free but its worth every penny.

(sorry for my bad english)

Send us instructions on how to do it. I downloaded both but can get what you show???

Thank you sir so much…that was very nice…wilk try

Hi, first you need to download and install Nova launcher, right after that press the button of the watch and you will see a message asking if you want to run the main launcher or Nova, select Nova and select always if you want to have Nova as your main launcher then follow @tim_Collins ​ instructions. To resize the widget is nothing special, you only need to select the highlighted dots that appear when you press and hold the widget. If you have troubles to resize and center the widget use http://airdroid.apk so you can see it on your pc and use your mouse to do it.

Thank you lovely forum.

In Novalauncher you can use the Scale option in the settings to increase it’s size. With these I was able to enlarge every clockface in Novalauncher to only miss the last 2 pixels (i think) of the screen-surface. Also you need to set the taskbar to float over the widgets, thereby giving the widget more room to “grow”

:+1::+1::+1:will try.

The scaling is done in Zooper Pro not in Novalauncher.
it’s in the first screen you get when you tap the widget. Scroll 3/4 down.

On a sidenote. I’m testing KLWP as a replacement for Zooper Pro.
It supports seconds, but I need to test it’s battery use.
So before you buy Zooper Pro, you might want to wait a week until I’ve tested KLWP. This one costs also a few bucks.
But it’s worth buying both for the little they cost.

@Kenneth_Tan ​ a note here, this is not Zooper widget, it’s Pujie Black widget.

@tim_Collins ​ On Nova you need to set widget overlap ON (advance section) and also I am deactivating the dock.

I try to install Puji Black, I paid for it but it doens’t laucch :wink:

Hi @Frederic_De_Feyter ​ you need to install first a launcher like Apex launcher. Once you installed apex configured it to hide the dock (on apex settings) and then add the widget as you normally do on your android phone.

i hope it’s ok i’m asking this here… trying to run this on my no1d5 (after installing nova) but can’t reach the bottom edges. any advice?