Hi all! I'm here to ask if there's any development about the "partnership" or

Hi all! I’m here to ask if there’s any development about the “partnership” or “help” with @Terry_Zahn ​​. I saw that the developers were going to start a conversation about gathering mutual interests and converge into a solution about ClockSkin faces?. Sorry if I’m mistaken.

I don’t know what you are talking about, but I am an app developer, I will receive a D5+ and a X5+ next month, and I would be pleased to help the community if you need.

@Lokifish_Marz I am a java developer. I have few apps in google play (a google developer account). I have experience in floating apps, and timer apps (one of my apps is a network controlled timer). I will probably port some of my apps for round screens when I get my watches, but if I can help your project… Just for fun I made an xslt template that can interprete the clockskin.xml file to render it in a browser and animate with the current time. I thought it could maybe be integrated in the zips to have an online animated preview of a face without animated gif or video.

Hi! Any news about it? Is it doable for you @Julien_Ortega ​?

Hi. Yes, @Lokifish_Marz already introduced me in the dev community, the project is on development right know.

Oh men! Great news!! Are you all willing to give us some “teasers” of what’s coming?

I let @Lokifish_Marz be judge of if he want to tease, it’s its idea after all.

Lol… OK! I’m just super curious!