Hi all..I just got my Finow x5 three weeks ago...recently I drop the watch

Hi all…I just got my Finow x5 three weeks ago…recently I drop the watch with a smart crack at the 3 o’clock position…currently the watch keep rebooting…sometimes it can startup to normal but it will reboot again and again…pls help…:frowning:

Take the back cover off and disconnect the battery for 30 seconds and then re-connect. Try again

I found out if i tightened the four screw behind it will occur…i tighten two of it then leave two slight lose then its ok now

You dropped the watch so bad it got cracked. The possibility that internal hardware has shifted is real.
I think you need to take it apart an re-seat the connectors inside that are in reach of you. I’ve seen there is a inner plastic ring on some smartwatches. Maybe this shifted during the fall and causes a pressure point. These are just a few point I would look at.

@Jin_Chuan_Yuen Kenneth has made a good point. If loosening the case screws makes a difference it could be worth investigating the internal components. Looking for any obvious tilt in way the main board sits in the watch

Look at the video of @SmartWatch_Ticks @http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ9ATrrRxW4&t=20m10s he shows the power button pressure switch removal. This could well be the pressure point that’s causing your problem. Check the positioning of this flex-cable and the switch if they are misaligned. It could also be that the entire plastic inner ring has somehow shifted.

@Kenneth_Tan very possible. That is a point that has caused problems with other watches (D6 square watch is a good example)