Hi all I have uploaded to my smart watch (finow x5 plus) a lots

Hi all
I have uploaded to my smart watch (finow x5 plus) a lots of clock faces, and I’m changing between them every day/hour, and the question is:
is there a way to do it automatically ?
I want that the watch will change the clock face automatically every time I choose to (every hour or day or week),
Any ideas ?

good idea, maybe tr
y to find any soft utility on google play…:smiley:

I have found something that could be do as i wanted but unforgettably it’s not working for my smart-watch.


That’s a good idea :slight_smile:

Nice found Eli. :slight_smile: 2 bad this doenst work as i also have the X5 + :frowning:

you could ask Eric Crochemore whether he might implement such a feature into his app in the future(assuming it doesn’t already have that function)

@Alexander_Bonner_Aks no i dont have it yet and i thought that my app was crashing on x5+?

Hi Eric
I have attached a photo of my watch with the crush message, this usually happens when swiping from left to right from the clockface,
and also if you swipe up from the clock face yo get to the goggle and sound record then swipe to left you get the plus sign and swipe back, you get the same crush error. after the crush, i just running the launcher again. If you swipe from the clock face down you get the date screen and bat… and then swipe left to right you could get a crush of the launcher . . . etc. i use the last version 1.6,
the ver 1.5 crushes even more on any swipe or touch.

Eli,did you noticed that you have to have watch faces that are made with Watchmaker? That could couse the crash mabe? (And mabe easy to fix?)

I downloaded the clock faces from here:

Eli,did you know that thus app requires watch faces that are made with Watchmaker? And on the download page it also requires that you have Watchmaker installed. Dont know if this is the problem for not working right!?