Hey, someone can do this Watch Face?

Hey, someone can do this Watch Face? Thanks

I think http://watchawear.com has one.

I could have sworn that I’ve seen Smartwatch Ticks review this watch. I think this is a .vxd(?) face. There are similar ones for Full Android, bit I don’t think this specific one is. If it is, that puts it on shaky ground in this community.

It’s similar to the one you asked about. Have any idea when http://whatchfaceup.com will come back online?

I’ve downloaded that one from http://whatchfaceup.com (page 25 of X+X family) but it doesn’t work in my Lemfo Lem5. That’s a pity, because it’s nice!

EDIT: My mistake unzipping it. Working perfectly!

@Juanxito_Gomez Can you post the link to download the watch face? Thanks

@Daniel_Nicocelli http://watchawear.com/android-watch-faces/x-x-family/download/32-x-xplus-family/9073-mario-run.html