Hey guys, i have a quick question.

Hey guys, i have a quick question. Whats the best apk on play store to download watch faces for my lemfo lem5? I just ordered it and can’t wait for it! Thanks for your help

You dont need any apk. I’ts native support our skins here.

Mohamad El Wafai Just download the file into your computer, then unzip the file. Create a folder in your watch with this exactly name “ClockSkin” then just drag the unzipped file into that folder. As simple as that. Attention, do not delete any file from your watch, once you put a face in your watch, even if you do not want the face anymore, dont delete that file. I have a Lem5 and i have problem doing that. All the files in this community work nice in the lem5. I have more then 400 faces in my watch, thanks to all the great face creators on this community.

@Joao_Nascimento When you not need any face , just delete from your clockskin folder, that will not caused … I made that daily… Just simple choose another skin first…

@zsolt_m i have done that twice in my lem5 and i had serious problems, maybe i have done something wrong!

@Joao_Nascimento how i can choose the skin??? i make the folder and i drag the files.

christos Katsikaris did you unzip the file before drag to the watch?

@Joao_Nascimento yes my friend I was unzip the file

christos katsikaris disconect the watch from the computer, then see all the watch faces, it should be there.

@Joao_Nascimento Is there a link that would help me? What apk should I install? i am lost -)))

Guys thank you ! I just received my lem5, and i gotta say im impressed ! Does the Job and more! Joao Nascimento i have a question. In case i wanna delete some of the custom faces, is there a safe way ?

I did exactly what you told me. I download skindesign10 from here somewhere, then created ClockSkin a folder in the file manager( not in the download just directly when i enter file manager), then i unzipped the design10, then i chose the 2015_TAG_Heuer_Carrera_Calibre_16_Senna_Edition_Grey.rtfd skinwatch and i copied the folder in side ClockSkin. usb debbuging was enabled, then i safly removed the watch and checked but i found nothing. did i do anything wrong? can someone paste a link for some custom skins for lem5_

all good ! i was able to download custom skins on my lem5. ANd i LOVE IT :smiley: