Hey guys! Have a problem.

Hey guys! Have a problem. pedometer and heart rate is gone and the menu background change to this blue wallpaper when i swipe to the left… empty side…
i search in “setting search” mabye it was deactivated… but is was not…
next problem, my pc cant find the watch anymore when i connect it… it says “the device dont work correct, so cant connect with pc” what happen? reflash watch now?
Its the Finow X5

Sorry for my bad english

Install Settings Search
Goto Application
Look for Home Launcher
Reset - Data

Note- watch will restart itself. Your default clock will restore but all user data will still intact including custom clockskin.

If still failed… good to reflash firmware.

cant see the “home Launcher”

Try this for fixing the connection issue: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/76/guide-usb-mtp-device-issue

need to regist first… :confused: need really help guys… @SmartWatch_Ticks any idea ? you are the smartwatch master! :slight_smile:

Takes a minute to register. Seriously, it’s well worth it.

Ohh Hi @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 . Ok i try. i give u feedback. thank u guys !

cant find the mtp driver… :confused:

@huzzler_g http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/board/16/factory-firmware-downloads

you need to flash the rom again for your watch, it’s easy. for any questions feel free to ask on the site.

Thank you @sonia_sophie_ataunna but it dont work… "Sorry!

We appear to be experiencing issues at the moment. Try loading this page again in just a bit."

@huzzler_g which browser are you trying with?

The page was offline for a while. but now it works. i never try it before… il try it after the download and give you a feedback. thank you .

@huzzler_g in any trouble feel free to ask and we’ll help :slight_smile:

my x5 dont boot up now… i do nothing… it comes from alone… same to my D6 now… i turn it on… 1 hour later same problem like the X5… dont boot up anymore… whats wrong??? i do really nothing! :frowning:

@huzzler_g have you installed something new on both of them? Rooted?

no i do really nothing! i just turn on and 1 hour later i had a black screen… maybe the google play account synch the problem from the x5 to the D6 automaticly?

@huzzler_g could be but I doubt that, unfortunately you may have to flash them both with sp tool it is really easy

pls send me the direct link to it . firmware and all that stuff .

http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/227/install-vcom-drivers-smartwatches-win10 (this is for drivers)

1.http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/board/16/factory-firmware-downloads (from here you download your firmware)
2. download sp flash tool to your computer, extract the files open the sp_t and go to scatter loading file look for the file of the firmware you downloaded it has to be a file and not a folder (if you not sure ask:)) upload it, then press download button and turn off your watch and connect it to the pc and the flashing will start when it finish you’ll know:) again any problem feel free to ask but better on the site and not on G+

BUT I CANT CONNECT WITH PC; BCS " UNKNOW DEVICE" these watches are brand new … :confused: