Hey everyone, thanks for letting me in the group..

Hey everyone, thanks for letting me in the group… first im a watch lover and have made a few using ETA movements. I’m now diving into smartwatches and just love the whole face making aspect and can’t wait to give it a go. I just bought a Lem8 for my first go and the wife won’t let me open it till Xmas. but had a few questions. The lem is an android base watch and not a wear os watch. I’ve hunted all over the forums could someone point me too or do a quick synopsis on what the difference is between the watch face formats and compatibility. I see xda, .watch, watchskin, watchmaker. also, any info to help explain the loaders i see such as “erics”. i can make a spreadsheet for everyone based off the info for future use and ref for other newbies to smartwatch custom. also the last question anyone knows how to find the imei of the watch my cell provider needs this. thanks so much, everyone and cant wait to load out my own face. happy holidays

@Chris_wilson welcome to the group. I am only 2 months into this world and have the Lem7 but wish I waited another week and got the Lem8 because it runs 7.1 vs. 7.0 the only difference is slightly upgraded processer, extra memory, and the most important feature that I do NOT have Always On Display. I will leave the technical answers to the pros on here to answer. But from what I have learned from them and our group forum is it’s different OS and watch face designing software. Eric’s launcher sits on top of your stock launcher and offers many extras and options to use example changing from C° to F° on the main watch face. We are pure Android so anything you can do on your phone you can do on your watch so if you have ever got a different phone launcher from the app store to change the look and icons of your phone is what Eric’s launcher does but to your watch. If you download a watch face created with a certain designer software you might have to have it installed as well on your side. Like WatchMaker or Facer since some faces are not 100% compatible with your Universal/Stock launcher. I have downloaded directly to my watch from this and other forums free and a few with gratitude donations to these great creators, unzipped, and saved in my clockskin folder, hit refresh and like magic have a new watchface :slight_smile:

@Chris_wilson I could go more into detail, but I’d most likely have to take it over to the proboard. I’ve already gotten in trouble for talking too much tech and the mods will remind you that the community is almost exclusively just for requesting and submitting custom watch faces as well as informing us about new full Android watches and companies. Any tech questions need to be put there, not here. I hope you understand. If you are on your phone, Tapatalk can allow easier access to the proboard.

Thanks added it over there.

@Nicholas_Herczeg hopefully this will change when we get a new page going where we have all in one point. I mean faces and technical support on one webpage. This would be great. Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst Yeah. Maybe we can have a dedicated community for easy tech questions that people can just post and get an immediate response and we’ll have the proboard for more involved tech support issues. Like problems connecting to WiiWear 2 vs issues with the LemX display. The first could easily be answered directly in a community setting, where the latter really needs a more in-depth conversation, and where the proboard would be more helpful. It might also be helpful to have a community where people interested in designing can ask software and design questions and share resources (free-for-all backgrounds and watch parts).

@Jurgen_Oberst There are sometimes where someone asks a really simple tech question, but as the community is about watch faces, I get scared of answering, because I don’t want to anger the mods. I send them to the proboard when it would have taken me 2 minutes to solve their issue.

@Nicholas_Herczeg heheh I also had my troubles with the strict separation here on g+ let’s hope I will change to the better. Greets