Hey everyone. I wanted to get your opinions.

Hey everyone. I wanted to get your opinions. What do you consider the best android watch? I currently have the lem5 and enjoy it.

I would like a watch though that doesnt have a sim card, but instead uses an sdcard for storage.
Only things I want I think are

heart monitor

I do not think there is one, adequate to your need.
In my case.
Add: compass, IP68, 400x400 without border, SD.
Improve: battery, bluetooh, ram 1+, rom (if you have SD I do not think it’s necessary).
PS: make the belt changeable, and several designs, whether elegant or sporty, to be exchanged or mixed.

Get ZeblazeBlitz

@Darrell_Swafford currently the Finow Q7 will support SD card and the S1 as well. But this is not the place to ask really. You should go over to our other forum and ask there.