Here's your latest skin from the Collective, "The Borg Boys"...

Here’s your latest skin from the Collective, “The Borg Boys”… or as we like to be known - “Six of One” and “Half Dozen of the Other”…

Pulling in ideas and techniques from both Andrew Somers and Andrew Davis we came up with this spectacular marvel…

The animated gif below is a modest representation of the actual skin… the Earth spins slowly and smoothly… and the Moon changes to coincide with actual moon phases…

Less is more (as we say in the Collective) so we chose a simple display and a font with a space vibe… you get:

  • hours
  • minutes
  • week day
  • day date
  • month

+Andrew Somers… thank you…

Very nice , can you wrap the time around the Earth and the Date around the Moon ? :slight_smile:

Then have the moon orbit the Earth… haha just kidding

Oh course… all things are possible… One of Six’s earlier design had the Moon orbiting the Earth… :wink:

@Andrew_Davis hi all
i have a problem with this watch face
the seconds hand moves in the worng diraction
can any one help me with this
i did not make the watch face i got it from here

Hope everyone enjoys. It went through a number of interesting iterations.
@Andrew_Davis I like our new name, sounds like a rockabilly band.

@Andrew_Somers Oops… I hadn’t figured this in… the Moon on my watch shows the current phase for the Northern Hemisphere… can you check to see it yours displays correctly for the Antipodeans?

Hmm, good point. It’s upside down here in the land “down under”. The software could have been smarter and adjusted for this.

So, the Moon phase doesn’t work down under because the clock engine doesn’t account for that :frowning: … I could simple reorder the Moon layers if anybody wants a Southern Hemisphere working version :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Somers Just added a couple of Paypal links in the description… where are you planning to retire to?

Just checked the sky tonight and the moon is mostly lit on the bottom (v.slightly to the left) so either way it’s not going to match exactly.
Still working on that retirement plan :slight_smile: