Here's the finished result of my VWF-1 watchface.

Here’s the finished result of my VWF-1 watchface.
It’s a simple watch if you look at time and date, but the real test for me was to incorporate sounds and ability to control them.
Also I wanted to see how much animated graphics I could push onto the watchface before it started to lag.
This Watchface has 16 aninimated graphics and two sounds.

Love to see your comments on this one.

Manual: :wink:

Swipe up: Start Record
Swipe down: Stop record
Swipe left: Put the needle on the record!
Swipe right: Pull the needle from the record and stop turning. The turning has to continue until the clock is back in a readable position.

Tap center: Exit watchface.

Design and programming by Kenneth Tan Photography

APK Link:!AnsZnYqBwc-EgYNAnmfwkMVT4T7CQg


I’ve been waiting for this!! So, should I install nova launcher first? And if so, any special settings between? Thanks!

@Sergio_Guerreiro Depends on what you want to do with it. It can be installed on the Default Android watch and started by hand.
If you want it as an individual clockface that pops up when you push power to the display, yes, you need to install a launcher. NovaLauncher is my personal choice.
But for now, just install it on your watch and enjoy. it’s more a gimmick than a usable watchface.

The screen will be off most of the time when we are wearing these anywayz, so I prefer “connect” over “s2” lol (for its badass looking~). Thank you for the kindly share and I cant wait to try it when I back home! But this dinosaur needs lots of love as the unfriendly UI sucks…gonna run it on the laterst 9.23FW. God bless you KW88. and again, Thank You Mr. Tan

Can you link the instructions to open it with nova launcher?
thxs for you good job

In Novalauncher you have the option to use Gestures. Go to the settings and then Gestures. You can configure double tap to open the WF app. (That’s how I did it and it works fine)

To open this WF when you press the power button you need to do a few things more. It has nothing to do with Novalauncher

@tim_Collins What does it matter. You said you were going to buy a different one. And my WF’s should run on any Android AOSP watch.
Also I got permission from some of the top WF designers to use their WFs to convert to stand alone.
Going to be a busy week for me.

@tim_Collins As @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 mentioned, the I3 might have a different motherboard in the production model. The one shown in @SmartWatch_Ticks video is a pre-production model, so things have to be re-evaluated.
BUT it actually combines two of my favorite things. The excellent KW88 motherboard and the IQI Cases.
I love the I2 for it’s high quality case. And they told me they have listened and put some good (and longer) watchbands on the I3.

Both KW98 en I3 are being shipped my way so I hope I can review them soon.