Here's something else which is a little (well,

Here’s something else which is a little (well, very) annoying about the KW88 and I2 watches.
If you leave it turned off and charging it gets to 100% and then resets to 1%. If you leave it on charge overnight as I do it does this over and over again. Terrible design flaw and will ultimately pulverise the battery.
I think if the watch is left powered on while charging - it does a similar thing but not as severe.
Watch out for this.

As our member john gully would say… “Haven’t noticed but yes not good at all, should be able to be fixed with an update. Just another for there list.”

Happening on both

Hi. First root it easily with kingoroot. Then install ( the paid versions plz if you want results) wakelock and finaly greener. I’ve stopped all my battery drains. Rgds

Please don’t use king root or any other method than the flashing SuperSu method.
These brute force apps inject unwanted rubbish into your system and can have unpleasant side effects. @Ciro_Danise will publish the TWRP recovery for the I2 and KW88 when they are ready.

I just purchase one from ali
I found design and specification intersting but i did see any waterproof certification
Will have problem with rain?

It is not classed as waterproof at all.
Maybe a little splash proof but I would be very careful with it.

+Pablo Eleven (Pablo11) what kind of unpleasant effects? My win7 laptop refused to load the right driver to recognize my x5. (I tried again and again…) The only and easy solution was kingoroot. I have absolutely no bad effects. Did you tried it ?

Yes, used it many times in the past when a custom recovery was not available. It runs it’s own nasty little services as root in the background that you would probably never notice. It is also extremely hard to remove without flashing firmware again. My point is simple - the safest method will be available very soon so it’s best to wait.

ok so mine charged fine overnite, woke upto 100%.

That’s good news. Maybe I have a bad battery :slight_smile:

i love the i2 battery at the moment iam getting 15 hours of medium use with about 30% left at bed time. Hope it lasts.

Yes- I2 is looking good at the moment and has the great Google menu under the main watch face screen :slight_smile: