Here's something else which is a little (well,

Here’s something else which is a little (well, very) annoying about the KW88 and I2 watches.
If you leave it turned off and charging it gets to 100% and then resets to 1%. If you leave it on charge overnight as I do it does this over and over again. Terrible design flaw and will ultimately pulverise the battery.
I think if the watch is left powered on while charging - it does a similar thing but not as severe.
Watch out for this.

Haven’t noticed but yes not good at all, should be able to be fixed with an update. Just another for there list.

Well, at the moment it seems not all people may be affected by this - but please keep an eye out for it.

Isn’t the Finow X5 doing the exakt same thing? I noticed that from time to time,too.

Mines on charge overnight now so I’ll see. I just used 60 percent over 20+ hours and 40 mins sot light use only but not bad.

When my watch was working I was getting decent battery too. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon!

@john_gully that’s very good ! Did you accept the OTA?

What ota was there one today as I didn’t check, I flashed your latest one only.

@john_gully it’s in the wireless update section of settings. I wouldn’t reccomend doing it until this bug is sorted.

opps wrong section, my comment was about my i2 battery soz.