Here's my new watchface - "NINJITSU"

Here is my new watch-face - “NINJITSU”

Built using WFD beta - For Stock Launcher - Android 7.1.1
Free to use for everyone on this forum.
Do not share, re-distribute or alter without permission.




*“NINJA” title font display created by Gazman at


Nice idea Gazman! :+1: Interesting to see a Martial Arts based face. Are you into Martial Arts? I studied the Goshin Ru style myself and attained a brown belt before giving it away…quite a few years ago now…but I still keep up with my Kata movements because they are such a great form of exercise. Anyway, nice one Gaz…but how did you get the snapshot of @noidremained for the pic on the bottom of the face? :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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G’day Doons.,
noidremianed and I have a special arrangement, I don’t share pictures of him showing his entire face and he doesn’t try to out-do my pun-ting! :grinning:

Martial arts? yes, I took it up in my mid forties and trained for 5 years every saturday afternoon in Goju-Ryu style (as a full time professional musician, my lifestyle was not super-healthy at the time) … until I ripped my ACL … and that was it. I was approaching 50 years old with a ruptured ACL and the medicos said my going back to training post a 12 months rehab\recovery plan was not a great idea. I always enjoyed it the training and focus though.


Great! Some invaluable information in that lot Gazman! :+1: So, you and the @noidremained are as thick as thieves (Or Ninja’s! :japanese_ogre:) eh? Making deals, about hiding faces & puns! Oh and Gaz, Son, NO ONE can outdo those puns of yours mate! Even the worst “Punsters” (?) on here have a little class…don’t you Noid?! Oppssss, shouldn’t have let that slip! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: I can understand the “Musician lifestyle” business Gaz! Even as a part timer, it’s not too good for my health! Every time I even look at my Guitar my Missus outlines, in clinical detail!, just what bones she intends to break if I am silly enough to pick it up! Hmmm, so if we have a disagreement about the fact that I am by far the better Musician, then all I have to do is get in the first (Lucky!) kick to the knee eh? :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Shintaro, Doons


credit: Naeleck GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Wow! I take it all back! Gezzzzzzz, I’ve never seen @noidremained looking so fierce! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Chuck Norri, er Doons

Bro for watchface design do I need java knowledge???
If no explain how I can do it?

You can start by downloading ‘Watchface Designer’ program. Search for the link on the forum.
You don’t have to know Java to do it.


You can follow @Gazman’s advice mate. :+1: I am not into watch face design myself, so I would suggest that you study the forum and seek out those members actively engaged in designing watch faces. They will be able to give you far more valuable advice that I can. But if I could give you one piece of friendly advice…if you have any other questions, tossing in a “please” now and then would be a good idea…as in “If no, can you please explain how I can do it”? Cheers, Doons