Here's a new version of ClockSkin Browser.

Here’s a new version of ClockSkin Browser.

This new version perfects the KW Engine Preview (it’s as pixel perfect as I could) and adds a few goodies:

  • It can now interact with ClockSkin Transfer (version 1.3+). This includes seeing the watchfaces in your watch, transfering faces from the watch to the current folder, transfering faces from the current folder to the watch and even previewing faces installed on your watch. If you activate the “Connect to ClockSkin Transfer” option, it will auto-search for your watch. You also have the option of giving the URL manually. When the watch is found, ClockSkinBrowser will remember it’s address so that next time it will start searching from that same address.

  • If you select more than one watchface, a preview image is created using all the selected watchfaces. This is nice if you want to create an image with your portfolio.

Here’s the download link:


@Marco_Ferreira Clockskin Browser told me to upgrade to 10.1, but when I downloaded it, it crashed. Is it not ready yet or is it just a bad download at the moment?

@Nicholas_Herczeg Can you tell me what error did it print? If no error was printed, can you run it on the command line with “java -jar ClockSkinBrowser_v0.10.1.jar”? It’s working correctly on my side, but there will be some differences between our systems.

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Thiago_Cavendish Thanks for the images. However, I can not figure out the error from here. Could you run it in the command line with “java -jar ClockSkinBrowser_v0.10.1.jar”?

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Thiago_Cavendish Ok, that’s a java version incompatibility. I used Java 9 to build ClockSkin Transfer and you have java 8 installed. No worries, I’ve made it java 8 compatible. Here’s the new download link:

Please inform me if it now works correctly. Thanks.

@Marco_Ferreira you’re one! tks man!

Hello my browser and Kospet Hope is connected with the same wifi. I downloaded “clockskin transfer” from the play store in my watch. But when I try transfering the .watch file it says “invalid Files. No watch to install found”. Please help. Thank you in advance

@Arpan_Basu .Watch files will only work if you have universal launcher as well. Full Android stock launcher cannot natively handle WatchMaker files. I’ve never used the transfer program, but I can guess that is only designed to transfer WFD faces. I’d need @Marco_Ferreira to verify that, as he’s the one who created the app.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Thank you very much for the explanation. This is my 1st full android smartwatch. Still learning things. Now I understand I have to download .zip files for transferring.

@Arpan_Basu I also want to point out that unless you download Universal Launcher, you also have to unzip those .zip files. Also be careful of nested folders. Stock launchers don’t understand zip files at all and universal launcher cannot always read folders or zip files nested within a zip file (I did this with my Invicta Iron Man and War Machine watches.) Use unrar or WinRAR to look inside the zip file. If it only has watch files(image1.png, watch.xml, etc), you are good to go. If it has another folder, it’s better to unzip it. I have a tendency to zip the entire folder, so it’s better to unzip faces from me.

@Nicholas_Herczeg yes, but clockskin transfer, which @Arpan_Basu is using, does understand zip files, including the ones with nested folders and even nested zip files, and unzips them automatically. About the .watch files, yes, universal launcher is required for them (clockskin transfer will support them if universal launcher is installed)