Here’s a face request of sorts.

Here’s a face request of sorts.
It’s my Belgrade panorama speed up for demo purposes. The background slides past twice per minute. The hour is not the real hour but simulated by doing the digits manually based on the second rate. The side effect is that it will count past 23:00.


i wait for mr.Smartwatch ticks make video of it

I’m checking it out now…

What do you think?

Wow, it flies by! Autta rename it Whirling Dervish! Still, it will get the point across in a video, and the hours fly by one by one. Kinda fun, actually.

still waiting for new video from mr.Smartwatch ticks…he make best videos

Ooooooooo. The pressure! OK, OK, I’m working on it.

No way its not pressure, i just say and think your videos are best on youtube…i hope others are agree. With me! Do you guys?

I know. No pressure. It’s cool. I just take time to get it right. These things put themselves together in the background and then suddenly burst forth. Besides, my high-end studio here is all glass and I have to gauge the sunlight/shade just right so the watch screen isn’t blown out or showing too many reflections. Hi-tech, you know. Anyway, glad you appreciate the videos! Get ready for more soon!