Here’s a clock skin that will take 24 hours to see the full effect.

Here’s a clock skin that will take 24 hours to see the full effect.
It’s a panorama also blending day into night. The day - night transition occurs slowly and matches the time of day (although it doesn’t compensate for the season).
The city is Trier in Germany. The picture was taken by photographer Alex (a.k.a. 55Laney69).
I redid his day - night merge and wrapped it into a circle and rotated it on the 24hr rotation. During the day I have the clouds floating by and during the night I have the city lights flickering, however the effect is very subtle.
The main graphic had to be large enough so that it doesn’t look too curved. It’s 4000 x 4000 pixels (8MB) so a word of warning, it will take about 3 seconds to load after you select it.
The time and date are simple so as not to detract from the details of the background.


Very nice idea

Wonder if there is a memory limit on images? Had that issue on Gear S with animated GIFs, image gets too large causes a crash.

love it, great work you guys:)

amazing! more of these please! is there any wth a flower blooming?

Very cool. I’ve been watching the day/night transition thing and it really does work! I’m learning how to “think differently” (sorry Apple) by watching these new designs emerge.

can you mke with photo of my city i will sent you

Sure, I can do requests; send me a link to a picture.

The flower blooming can’t be done with this exact technique because it’s a smooth rotate. But it could be done like my “Empress of China” where you can have 10 images played out every second.

This watch face is struggling to keep up, if you put a second hand in, it doesn’t rotate smoothly, but jumps a bit. Hey, it’s another way to get a “ticking” second hand.

I have also been pushing the boundaries by experimenting with a rotating globe of the Earth. I used the minute rotate because this is not smooth but ticks. So I figured I could tick a new picture in every minute. To do this I created a ring of 60 images (each 400 x 400 pixels).
It actually worked on the simulator but it froze my watch and I had to re-flash the firmware to recover, DOH! The image needed was 8000 x 8000 x 4 bytes = 256MB or half the memory of the watch. So I gave up on that one.

Here is link for photo…Tnanks in advance…

I love his idea for the globe. I hope you an make it work? What other ideas could work with this method?

You are great at exploring the possibilities of this engine @Andrew_Somers . And here is another great example - love it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys, I live for the fame and glory :slight_smile:
Here’s another anecdote: while I was developing the background I hadn’t put the time in yet, so it was just a changing picture. I called it the “Crocodile Dundee” watch because, if you remember the movie, there’s a scene where Dundee pretends he doesn’t need a watch, he simply looks up at the sky to tell the time.

lol yep, being in Aus for over 13 yrs I remember it well :slight_smile:

You know, you just hit on something, Andrew. With Mother’s day coming, what about creating a watch ‘locket’ where, for example, a parent could load up x-number of photos of a grandkid for grandma and have them change every x-increment of time as a wrist based photo album – no need for hands or digits! I’m thinking once image every 10 minutes for 6 pictures, but it could be any workable combination. Is this possible? A template folder could sit there waiting for a user to drop in photo01.png, photo02.png, etc. up to the final one, and you’re array would already be built to deal with it. No programming necessary. Just drop a collection of 400x400 photos into this folder and move the folder to the ClockSkin folder on the watch. You could even have a model image file prepared that says “Happy Mother’s Day 2016” so it shows up with all the other watch faces in the scroll list. Who needs time! Besides, a great way to give last year’s watch to grandma so you can get next year’s model, right! Everybody’s happy.

OK, I put my thinking cap on and have a solution. I can do a sequence of images once every minute. I’ve been trying to make a template, but there’s some weirdness in the clock engine. It’s too late for Mother’s day, but I’ll post what I’ve got tomorrow.

Where my clock face??? I have send you link you asked?..ahahaha thanks again my friend…just to remind you, i hope you will find time for my skin soon…

Cool… You win the award for the largest clock skin on the forum!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, working on it mate, I don’t have a lot of spare time. I had a look at your link, it’s not a panoramic photo so I can’t simply create it directly. I have been looking for other reference photos.
Considering my clockskin took about a week and that was with an existing panoramic photo, you’ll have to be patient.
It’s a pretty city though.

So I created a skin that rotated an image in every minute. Then I put my digital array thinking cap on and realised that I could achieve the same effect by simply using my “Empress of China” technique applied to the minute array(type 8). Mr. @SmartWatch_Ticks this will give you the locket sequence you mentioned. You could also do variations of 6 pictures every 10min (using the hour array) or 1 a day (using the week or month array ). I like this last one because you could effectively have a different looking watch every day without having to select it manually

I must ask mr. Smartwatch ticks to make video with these watch faces so we. See how that looks like…he is video pro maker