Here it is ! The final version of "night and day" for the "Sinn"

Here it is ! The final version of “night and day” for the “Sinn” 856 watch
Original here :

In the day, everything is almost pure black and white. (right picture)

In the night, the minut indices fade to really dark (but don’t vanish totally) and the 5 minuts numbers as well as the hands have a very light green tint. (left picture)

The transition is VERY progressive (takes 12 hours from one state to another). Midnight: dark, Midday: light.
If you have any issue, verify you watch is set to 24 hours, not 12 !

I hope the very large image rotations (shades are 1600x1600) will not drain the batteries… If it does, just use the separate “day” and “nigh” versions !

PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY (please, please ! ;o)

Designing faces takes a lot time and most of you know that…By the way, all the faces I (re)design are FREE and always be. Whatever they are original or homage to existing watches.

SO IF you like them please consider a donation as a “paiement” to any association YOU like…
I like :

Please, please… give 2$, 3€, 5£… whatever !

Here is the file I GIVE you:

Here is the file…

Roland, from Paris (France)



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Have a look at this thread for an alternative approach to dimming…

Nice!! Can somebody make this for a KW88 in apk

@max_photographs I don’t think so… I believe that the KW88 apks are one face and three hands (and a date) - no other functions… but you could try the launcher by @Eric_Crochemore … you can add faces that aren’t apk… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis .Tnx. I tried the launcher by @Eric_Crochemore1 … but it did not work for me. If there are any watchmakers online, please give it a try.

@max_photographs I must admit that I haven’t tried +Eric’s launcher either… but the reviews from other members really give it a big thumbs up :slight_smile: … maybe ask +Eric for a bit of guidance… he’s a good chap :slight_smile: