Here is my new design.

Here is my new design. I have been inspired by the following image although I have made some small changes. I think someone has asked for it.
I await your comments.



  • Weekday
  • Day
  • Digital Time
  • Battery level
  • Steps

Programs used: WatchFaceDesigner, Corel Draw X8 and Corel Photo Paint X8.

Download Link:


Thank you so much

@Gabi_Lazaro Thats just inspired, but you made all the images, right?

@zsolt_m yes

Great job , I love your design but is it possible to translate to English (Month for exemple) Thank you

Allright, good work. :slight_smile:

Awesom Gabi ! Suppose this wil be my favorite clock skin. Can you please make days in English ?

Nice hands!!

great job, thanks

Just tried your watch face, the battery percentage seems out of place. It has moved to the step counter.

It’s amazing, gran trabajo amigo!

I like it very much. what software do you use?How long it took you to do it? I am new and would like to design mine

nice! thanks!

Very, very nice. Thanks a lot. :))

It´s a verry good job.

i have made some small changes.

  • Week days in german and türkish.
  • battery charge bars.

Green Orange_DE (german)

Green Orange_TR (türkish)

Have fun!

@Dark_Man yes