Here is my clockskin - 'Old Alien'

Here is my clockskin - “Old Alien"

Built using WFD beta - For Stock Launcher - Android version 7.1.1 or above
Free to use for everyone on this forum.
© Copyright - All Rights Reserved.

Do not share, edit or re-distribute without permission.

Analogue Clock, Hours, Mins, Secs,

** Touch Zone **
Tap the Alien ‘symbol’ to open the stock MEssaging app.

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No looky here Son! You might be able to call me old (Hell even I wouldn’t argue that one! :woozy_face:) By you cannot call me an Alien! :crazy_face: I’m as human the Moderators…no wait that won’t convince anyone…I mean have a look at that bunch! And remember, the Good @Dr_Andy_Vishnu is a self confessed Astronut!! :crazy_face:) So if you’ll agree to change the name to something like “Middle aged, devilishly handsome, honest to God bronzed Aussie” ( :woozy_face: :crazy_face:) Then we’ll say no more about it! Cheers, “Was that Mars we just passed”?, Doons
Ok Gaz, I like the face mate. Simple, yet quite effective. :+1: :+1:


I have taped the Alien ‘symbol’ and I received a message, which I believe is from some alien: Fayvrrtep fìtsenge lu kxanì. Fìpoti oel tspìyang, fte tìkenong liyevu aylaru.
After a lot of research, I managed to translate it . - These demons are forbidden here. I will kill this one as a lesson to the others.-
Sorry @Gazman, this one I will delete from my watch. :alien: :alien: :skull: :skull:


@Joao_Nascimento …that’s pretty :grin:cool.

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Joao! Wow mate, with a reply like that you are getting as loopy as the rest of us! :woozy_face: (Myself NOT included of course!) All that Klattu Barada Nickto stuff (Recognize that last bit @Gazman ? Name that movie! :crazy_face:) Keep this kind of gibberish up Joao and…well …soon they will make you a Moderator! (Just look at the psycho babble they come out with! :crazy_face:) @Dr_Andy_Vishnu perhaps you could prescribe a long rest in a suitable Sanitarium for our Dear friend Joao? :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, “Was that Michael Rennie I just saw”? (That was a clue Gaz! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) Doons


The Day The Earth Stood Still - wow!
Now there was some Hollywood genius seconded only by The Blob! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations Gazman! :+1: :+1: You have won an all expense paid holiday on a slow space freighter to the Outer Limits (Another good un!) with that lovable Astronut (?! :woozy_face:) The good Dr Andy! By the way Gaz, did you know that Dr Andy played Gort in The Day The Earth Stood Still? :crazy_face: Ah, “The Blob” poor old Steve MacQueen…before he became the king of cool!
P.S. Gaz, You must be ancient or a late night movie buff! Cheers, “Was that Bill Collins”?, Doons

@Doonsbury … Yes Bill Collins … and Deadly Earnest.

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