Here is my ClockSkin - JN_Gibson ES-175 (Tribute)

Here is my ClockSkin - JN_Gibson ES-175 (Tribute)
Made with WFD for #Stocklauncher #Android
Features: Hours, Minutes, Seconds.
Free to use for everyone in this community… :slight_smile: Do not re-share
Download Link:


I love it, very inventive!,

Now I really like this one … I can relate.

Thank you!

Thanks @doubledad & @Gazman

Very tastefully done Joao! :+1: I fancy myself a guitar player (My wife would give you a very strong argument on that! :woozy_face:) and I have 6 guitars, but alas not a Gibson! So this little beauty will be going on the Kospet! Cheers, Doons

Thanks @Doonsbury. I play a little classical/acoustic guitar my self, only have 2 :frowning:
I am a big fan of Joe Pass, one of the guitarists who “brought this jazz guitar to life”. And some years ago I attended a concert by Pat Matheny, who played with this guitar. It’s a beauty…

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I have electric, acoustic, bass and classical guitars and can make a “Pleasing” (? :woozy_face:) noise on all of them. I very much like Roy Orbison, The Beatles and Credence Clearwater Revival. Joe pass? Man he can make a Guitar talk! My main Guitar is an Ovation…has a magical sound and tone) and, as I wanted to learn bass, a Hofner style “Beatle” bass that sounds good. The ovation is an original…the Hofner is a copy! My classical guitar is a 1972 Valencia… cost me $20 and has a fantastic tone & sound) Cheers, Doons

The ovation:

The “Hofner” copy:

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Struck a chord with me … :crazy_face: (someone had to)


Ovation ??? you have an Ovation, that is my dream guitar, magical sound is the word. Maybe one day … I still dream… :slight_smile: . Cheers

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:rofl: I had managed to save up about half the price of one…and my wife gave me the other half for my birthday (So maybe she thinks my music isn’t so bad after all? :crazy_face: :laughing:) But it is the most beautiful guitar I have ever handled…well worth every cent. Cheers, Doons

:rofl: Gazman, with that little quip, you have just become an honorary member of the "Your puns are (Almost! :laughing:) as bad as Doonsburys & @noidremained ! Welcome to the club! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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@Doonsbury … a small attemp at humour from an old muso, I’m so glad nobody was oFendered. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice thanks it will be my new watch face

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Thanks @Steven_Wesley