Here is a hypothetical question.

Here is a hypothetical question. I have an in-house requirement I’m attempting to do a POC for. Looking to implement Google Voice SMS on an IQI I2 smartwatch. For hands-free messaging. Our employees currently receive one-way pager messages from a Windows-based admin client. But I’m looking to implement two-way messaging using the smartwatches. My initial obstacles on the IQI I2 to-date seem to be:

  1. The Google Voice app from the Play Store isn’t scaled properly for a round display. Although I can access the Compose button in order to send messages, a properly-scaled display would be easier to navigate for my endusers.
  2. The Google Voice app doesn’t push new message notifications, seemingly unless I manually hit the refresh button on the app.
  3. I have Open Mic+, Commrandr, etc. apps installed on the smartwatch in order to use handsfree features. Although I’m not sure if this integrates with the stock Google Voice app that I installed from the Play Store.

Will I have to resort to creating my own custom app using Android Studio? I had to do something similar for my Windows clients, using C# in Visual Studio 2015 for quick Google Voice messaging back and forth. The more I’m looking into the smartwatch end of things the more I’m thinking this will be the case…sigh…