Here is a colored version of the calculator. Thanks for your support.

Here is a colored version of the calculator.
Thanks for your support.

Thanks, that would be great.

I’ve just downloaded it to my watch - it’s a great addition… but it’s not in colour :slight_smile:

Strange, i just checked the link and it’s in color…

I uninstalled the app and deleted it from the watch… downloaded. again and reinstalled… but it’s still grey…?
Can anybody else see it in colour?

yes,just grey to me

Unfortunately I confirm the same, I uninstalled, make the cleaning system with SDMaid, I install the version “color”, and is still gray as the first version.
I believe Eric Crochemore will resolve the issue.

I found my error ! As i told you i’m a newbie in android world and did a newbie mistake… I’ve tested my app on my phone because i didn’t had my D5 cable… And my phone is in 6.0 version… So colors for 4.4 version is done differently. I modified my APK and everything should be correct now, i tested it on the D5 this time !
Sorry for that.

Nice work :+1:
Do you want me to ask the vendor (Finow) to consider the app to be included in the stock firmware? You should consider licensing the app as Loki said…

Yes, if you know how to do that, i have nothing against this idea. I can share the project source code when needed.

Thank you Eric…

@Eric_Crochemore Hi Eric, have you updated the download link to your the newest (superb) colour version?

Yes Meredith, two days ago… Don’t tell me it’s still grey ! :sob:

I haven’t tried it yet… I’ll keep you posted… :slight_smile:

Thanks, been looking for a calculator that would work well on the finow x5. :slight_smile:

in d5 + the numbers are too large and truncated on top :frowning:

that’s why it’s in development :slight_smile:

Fantastic work @Eric_Crochemore

This is the one that I’m looking to fit for round screen! TKS.