Here I leave the final version of DIGITAL ORANGE.

Here I leave the final version of DIGITAL ORANGE. I have had to change some design for the perfect operation of all its functions. I hope you like the final result.


  • Time and temperature
  • Minutes
  • Steps
  • Hour
  • Weekday
  • Battery level
  • 24 hours
  • Seconds
  • Year, month and day.
  • Heart rate
  • Month
  • Moon phase

Programs used: WatchFaceDesigner, Corel Draw X8 and Corel Photo Paint X8.

Download Link:

Great work, thanks

@Gabi_Lazaro very fine work - thanks very much :slight_smile:

Will this work on the KW88?

Could we put some kind of code on the faces that will show what watches they will work on ???

@Dick_Storer yes, Universal Launcher

Fine but why you did not use different colors

I mean different colors in one face

@el_golant My intention has always been to make everything orange. I see no need to add more colors. Another thing is to make more spheres with other colors … Thanks for your opinion.

No comment on using codes???

@Dick_Storer I do not understand what you mean…

Gabi I was just suggesting that a code of some kind could be placed in a corner with each new face that would indicate which watch series that it would install on. This would be helpful to newer members.

Although the overall look is interesting, I found the text too small to read. Specially the text on the bottom left (3’o clock to 6’o clock) and right (6’o clock to 9’o clock) region.

This would look amazing in glowing bright blue, could you make it so?

I like this watch and all the information it shows. I found a small bug though which I am unable to correct. On Sundays the hand jumps up again instead of starting at the lowest point. Is there any easy way to correct this or does this need a correction of the background picture?

I would adore this if it was all red… Still, an amazing watch face, my friend! thank you and keep up the good work!