Here are 2 versions of an Invicta Aviator from Cyrille LE RAY ,

Here are 2 versions of an Invicta Aviator from @Cyrille_LE_RAY , the creator of this face over @WW.



@Cyrille_LE_RAY ​ would you mind if I converted your design to apk so us KW88 owners can use it? I will be sure to give you all the design credit?

nope, not at all, just check with @Cyrille_LE_RAY and be sure to return the favor sometime, you’re good to go.
Guess I didn’t read it thru…¯<i>(ツ)/¯

@Michael_Hodges ​ I implicitly gave my consent to @Edward_Henry:wink:

@Edward_Henry ​​ On the Lume mode, think of resizing the Lume from the date window, it out of frame. :wink:

@Cyrille_LE_RAY I’ll try but I did notice I had left out one other panel in the Lume so check a new post for that one!

@Michael_Hodges ​ I did not understand your request. If you wish, you can make the port to KW88. :wink:

@Cyrille_LE_RAY ​ Awesome thanks!

Hey @Edward_Henry , I think I noticed one of these clockskins uses image files that started with a ‘dot’. Just to let you know, not all watches will render these when the skin is loaded. They are left out. Really makes the outcome strange. You might want to check all your designs for this and slowly convert them to ‘dotless’.