Here an request from Jürgen Oberst and Demetris Gerasimou .

Here an request from @Jurgen_Oberst and @Demetris_Gerasimou .
This is also a Volk Racing watch from Rays Engineering.
Only this time the blue / orange one.

Power (Small rectangle just under the outside numbers of the watch)
And if you want a rotating brake disk.

All Credits to:

Download1 with rotating brake disk:

Download2 with static brake disk:


Cool. Thanks.

Love this version @bricky_vl what app do I need to download to actually use this? I’ve used watchmaker and facer before, but they don’t work with this kind of face?

@Brandon_Davis Hi All of these watch faces are for pure android watches .
They don’t work on Android Wear watch.

how it’work, i have lemfo lem7

@hery_alimin Hi!!!
We have a special youtube channel where you can find everything .

Huge respect to you, and to this community!!! Thank you very much!!!

@Demetris_Gerasimou it’s my pleasure to try to make you all happy.
just enjoy it !!!

@bricky_vl thanks bro, gbu

that’s a nice one

thank you!!! my son will love this

Wow, can I ask you what software are you using to make something like this, please?

@Klaus_Madsen I use Watch Face Designer
And photoshop .
You can find Watchface Designer over here:
If you go to this side you first have register to log in .
If you done this click again on this link and you can find the program and download it.
And hopefully we wil see you soon with some new watch faces .

Ahhh you are the one who made Watchface Designer :slight_smile: Yes I have been using your software and have also come with some suggestions but it seems like the Forum is dead :frowning: I was aking about the software because I didn’t know that people used downloaded stuff and then put it together in your software but it all makes sense now. Are you still working on the software and are you still open for suggestions? And thanks so much for all your work with that, much appreciated.

@Klaus_Madsen that’s not me :slight_smile:
I am only using the software not making it
The picture you see is Marco Ferreira and it is also a link to his program .
So all the credits going to him .

Thanks for the files. Shouldn’t I be able to open the XML files in Watch Face Designer? When I try nothing comes up and it is not coming with any error messages?

It looks great on my watch. Thank you

@Klaus_Madsen sorry i am on vacation now you can better ask this on the same forum that i give you to download watchface designer.

@bricky_vl That’s all good thanks.

Can i get this in other colours as well…say orange, yellow, green, purple, gold, silver, pink, red, brown etc…