Here an request from demetris gerasimou .

Here an request from @Demetris_Gerasimou .
This time a Volk Racing watch from Rays Engineering.

I have put in some additional Features:
Power (little arrow on the outside of the watch)
And a rotating brake disk if you want.

All credits to:

Download 1 With rotating brake disk:

Download 2 With static brake disk:

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Bricky that is indeed fantastic!!!

Serious good work!!!

@ev_ka @Jm_Pujal

Thank you my friend !!! Amazing work -bravo!!!

Thank !! for your work, it so cool

Hello everybody!
Master work.
Thank you colleague!

@bricky_vl hey mate can you make the blue orange version too would be awesome. Please just let me know if u can otherwise I will try myself :slight_smile: Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst Sure no problem !!
I’ll see if i can do it today.

@bricky_vl no hurry I am on vacation have plenty of time thank you!

Hi bricky
Its working very accurately in thor 4
Thank you very much for this face watch

@Jurgen_Oberst Sorry Jürgen I could not wait :slight_smile:

@bricky_vl I just downloaded your blue one and when scrolling down the page and saw this one I just had to get it as well you did an awesome job on both watch faces they look great on my Zeblaze Thor Pro thank you looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

@Kevin_Stueber thank you
I have a nice watchface in my mind but it will be a lots of work
And at the moment i have not the time for it :zipper_mouth_face:
But stay tuned it will be coming😆

Hey, new member here, I absolutely love this watch face, is there any way you can make it with the same black wheel but with the things in yellow changed to red? Thanks!

@bricky_vl ^^^ :pray:t3:

@Sergio_Gutierrez You’re welcome !
That would be difficult because there are some template’s that i downloaded from the web if i change the color of them the text color is changing also so that would be not so nice to see .

Oh I gotcha, that sucks, still a really good watch face brotha, I’m rocking the yellow one right now on my lemfo lem7, I’ll post a pic when I charge my phone lol

missing/deleted image from Google+

@bricky_vl oh sweet memories I had this watchface on my h2 and put on sometimes cause it looks great! Thanks for your effort!