Here a request from shetu dewanjee The: Pagani Design. With moving gears.

Here a request from @shetu_dewanjee
Pagani Design.

With moving gears.

All credits to:


Another great one? So soon??? How do you do it? Thank you for your “Bricky Watches” :slight_smile:

Wow, Good Job! Can’t download it atm, but I will do in a few hours. Fantastic and Thank you very much!

Oooh. That came out awesome. Nice job, @bricky_vl !

Great work again @bricky_vl :+1:

@bricky_vl thank you very much.:slight_smile:

Beautiful face Downloading. Thank you very much.

@Marco_Ferreira I had some spare time.
So with a lot of patience and coffee :wink:
And about 10 hours i have created this watchface.

@G1NT0N1C @Nicholas_Herczeg @nurkholis_akhmad @Dave281 @Emerson_Campos Thanks!!!

@shetu_dewanjee Your welcome!!

Y’a par deux montres

@La_Merveille_John that’s right!!
so you can see what it looks like on a black or a chrome watch.
And the next time please write in English.
so that it is readable for everyone. :slight_smile:

bricky ur awesome man ,can u pls make some digital watch faces also thank you

@Suraj_Anand Maybe i like analoge watches more
But perhaps i wil make some digital ones

@bricky_vl another favorite watch face of mine that you created I now have about 153 watch faces on my Zeblaze Thor Pro and as I have been looking through them I realized I have several that you created and everyone of them look great on my watch thank you for your talent. I have a favorite movie that I have to watch every Christmas ever since I was little have you heard of the movie Christmas story with Ralph who wears the pink bunny suit If I post a picture of it would you be willing to create a watch face? I believe with your talent it would look amazing.

@Kevin_Stueber I can try to do the leg lamp. I got an idea for it, but I need to re-download Photoshop and the watchface WILL require @Eric_Crochemore 's Universal Launcher. It’ll also take a while as I am currently working on several watchface projects. Would you prefer digital or analog?

@Kevin_Stueber hi
I love to do it
But i am very busy at the moment
If you give the picture
I am sure @Nicholas_Herczeg will also make a great watchface of it.