Here a request from Paul Senter . The: Rado Centrix Automatic.

Here a request from @Paul_Senter .
The: Rado Centrix Automatic.

Made with WFD and PS.

No date steps or power indicators
But the gears are turning :wink:.

All credits to:


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Thank you very much ! Your works are always accurate .

@Ron_Nemtsev Thanks!!

Thxsss KW88
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@Mehfooz_Ahmadi your welcome!!!

Awesome work Mehfooz! It came out amazingly well and runs perfectly on my kw88. Thanks so much for a perfectly executed job :blush:
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Paul Senter credits goes to bricky vl…not me :slight_smile:

@Paul_Senter it was indeed me that made this watchface
but no problem I’m glad you like it :smiley:

Sorry Bricky vl! props to you for your awesomeness!

@Paul_Senter It’s okay :wink:

Great thanks…

@11156 You’re welcome!!!