HELP .my x3 plus not sign the sim card ?

HELP .my x3 plus not sign the sim card ?
(Not registered on network)

test with another sim card

The sim work on other watch

may be this operator is not reconaised in this watch test with sim card of another operator

if another sim from an other operator d ont work reset the watch if is not working you should change your watch is broken

And another thing is to check your IMEI: just put *#06# in dialer: if IMEI is shown , it’s okay; if it’s invalid IMEI, you should follow tutorials on web. All the best to you!

Mine has done that too after the latest FOTA. Sim card still works in my other watches so that’s not it. Previously worked fine before the latest upgrade. Am now getting great battery life, however, just no 3G!

@Jim_Chisholm tried factory reset after OTA?

@Jim_Chisholm Have you checked APN setting?

Apn setting? What to do?

My 3G data was not working either, however I could make phone calls. My Access Point Name configuration was not configured. In many cases this happens automatically, but in some cases you need to configure this manually.

First figure out what the settings need to be (google/faq your provider), then configure your watch in Settings->Connect->Cellular Networks->Access Point Names.

You will have to add an APN here with settings about Name, APN, APN type, Proxy, MCC, MNC, Authentication, APN protocol, Bearer etc.

All the above is only needed if you can make phone calls but your data does not work.
Hope this helps.

@Bokki_Wokki Hi Bokki yes the APN settings are correct, the watch picks these up correctly from the sim. (Or are these settings obtained over the cellular network?)

Hah… I tracked down my lost IMEI #, re-flashed it with MTK Engineer, and I’m back in business!

Great job!
Happy zen.