Help! I left my charger base in Germany! And I'm not heading back any

Help! I left my charger base in Germany! And I’m not heading back any time soon, can anyone help me… I need the pin out of the watch… So I can make something up to at least get me going until I get back to the US…

Hi Dave, saw an advert online somewhere for a replacement base… $12, I think…

The pinout, from top to bottom, is: D+, D-, Vcc, GND

Thanks guys. Thanks Meredith, I ordered one but it’s a 25 day delivery! So I’m going to be watchless for a bit! Better than forever though, so my sincere thanks. I’m in the UK for a week, so it’ll only be a couple weeks after that… I think I may glue a cable in the replacement because it may reduce the chance of a repeat loss! In the meantime I’m going to see if I can at least put enough using an old USB cable, some duct tape and MacGyver approach! :wink:

@Andrew_Davis thanks Meredith. I ordered using my phone!

There are many chargers and bases on the market… an LG one looked very similar for example… what would be the things to look out for (and avoid) when buying a new charger - anybody?

be careful with LG, the pins are on the opposite place