Hello, whenever you run out of ideas for new faces,

Hello, whenever you run out of ideas for new faces, then Marco comes with an update. I’m curious what’s coming with the next update. I would like to thank Marco here for the many times he has invested in the program. The same goes for Eric and his Universal Launcher.

Here’s my latest one. I hope you enjoy it. Simple but I like it.

Link for Finow etc. (month now are in english)

Link for KW88 (i hope it works)(month are english too)


In my phone (KW88) rounded fills (green and red) are out of place.

I only try it with my Finow x5 air

Some month are in german :see_no_evil: i change it tomorrow

You can see a solution for this at watchface WW-FLIP-CLOCK-STOCK3 of Warlock Weary at October 12

@Jose_Carlos_Marques Same here!

Could you post a picture ?

missing/deleted image from Google+

Ok, this is crazy. I try it tomorrow with the standard settings

@Marco_Riedner not with the standard settings. With standard settings you get watchfaces compatible with your finow x5 air, lemfo lem5, n.1 d5, and universal launcher. For kw88 you need to export with tweaked settings. In this case with the battery placement tweak. But I still don’t understand why people don’t use universal launcher instead of a bad/poor/with few supported functions stock launcher… :frowning:

Ok Marco i try it tomorrow

@Marco_Ferreira You finally answered the one question that I’ve wondered since I started using WFD. I’ve been posting my watchfaces as KW88 compatible, but exporting and uploading them in standard. Insofar, I haven’t had any issues until recently. My latest request isn’t running correctly on his KW88 and I couldn’t figure out why. I’m going to try reuploading it in tweaked and see if that helps.

@Marco_Ferreira I also was wondering if there is an option to change the language of the months and weekdays or to set custom names, eg, Chinese, Russian Klingon, Yautja(predator) or something else like that. If not, that might be cool for a future update. I know you can set it in a CSM array by creating separate PNG files and linking to a separate XML that’s linked to in the clockskin.xml file, but it would be tons easier if you could set all that within WFD. Again, this is just a suggestion, but as there are a lot of international requests, it might be a cool idea. It only has to support the 3 character truncation of either type.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Don’t forget to select the battery/power position tweak, if your problem is related to battery/power indicators. Also, could you please elaborate on the change language for months feature? As far as I know, clockskin only supports a set of images to act as month names, and that’s what WFD generates (as does CSM). How does the linking to other .xml you referred works?

The kw88 version works fine.