Hello to all the talented here! Please can anyone help me make this watch

Hello to all the talented here!
Please can anyone help me make this watch as a birthday gift thanks but with a white background

Happy birthday!

hello download it but it does not work only three files appear thank

@Daniel_Leon I’ll look at it tomorrow.

That’s because @Jamaro_Mooibroek sent you the WFD project, instead of the clockskin. You can open it on WFD and select File->Export to Standard Clockskin to generate the clockskin. I can do it for you, but I won’t publish it without @Jamaro_Mooibroek 's permission…

someone who passes it to clockskin

@Daniel_Leon @Jamaro_Mooibroek has already said he’ll look at it for you. Maybe saying please and thankyou would be a good idea?

Ok, so im new to WFD but before I made everything in ClockSkinMaker.

@Marco_Ferreira Thank you for thinking about me :slight_smile:

@Jamaro_Mooibroek Jamaro friend and what I’m inexperienced in this could help me to be able to instal in clockski
thank you very much

@Daniel_Leon Ok, so here is the REAL download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vugGGjvypoFxokIonhQCttRrzvfqBkyX
To install it depends on the type of the watch, but it usually is like these steps:
-Download the Folder from the link above ↑
-Connect your smartwatch to your pc/laptop
-Drag the downloaded folder to your watch in a folder called ‘ClockSkins’ (foldername can be different)
-Reboot your watch and you’re done!


@Jamaro_Mooibroek thank you very much friend

i think it looks better with its original color, blue background

@antonio_garcia I’ll work on it when im home, im on holidays right now…

@antonio_garcia Here’s my version with (approximately) the original colors. Inside the .zip are the four watchfaces. @Jamaro_Mooibroek 's puma is better, so I still look forward to his version

Credits to: Puma
Download link: http://bit.ly/2w1OPOf
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Marco_Ferreira Thank you for saying that! But I really think yours are even more beautiful than mine. I’m just a beginner in this and I hope I will get as good as you one day.