Hello to all my esteemed group members,

Hello to all my esteemed group members,
I’m on the verge of making the decision of purchasing my first ever android smart watch, I am thinking of buying either the Finow X5+ or the Lemfo LEM5 or the Xiaomi Amazefit, but unfortunately unable to make my final purchase decision, requesting all of you to give your valuable inputs on which one of the above three should I buy .Thanks in advance.

I have a dozen or so smartwatches, including the ones you’ve mentioned.
The poor battery life compounded by really
poor, power draining gps and wifi will almost
guarantee that either the Finow or Lemfo will end up forgotten in the back of your desk drawer in a month or so. Visibility outside is terrible to non-existent and despite all these
wonderful watch face images seen here,
for 99% of the time you’ll be looking at a blank, black face as the display eats power if used anywhere near as much as you’d like.
I also have an Amazfit Pace, and IMO all other Android smartwatches don’t even come close. Always on transreflective display, battery lasts for days on end, good gps and fitness tracking, nice ceramic case.
Probably even better (again with always-on display) is my TicWatch 2. This is a truly remarkable watch, and every time I dust off one of the “full android watches” for comparison I can’t get over what a superior product the TW2 is. IMO of course but I’ve pretty much tried 'em all with the exception of the Gear S3.
For fully (truly) waterproof, always on display that gets easier to see the sunnier it is, fantastic gps, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, great notifications and well over a week’s battery life my Garmin Vivosmart HR+ in combination with my Seiko Automatic dive watch is the best combination I’ve found.
But I digress, of your three choices the Amazfit is far and away the best choice.

Edit: my latest addition is a ZoiyTop JM01 which has the same battery, connectivity and display issues as all the others BUT is
indeed actually waterproof per my morning swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
Thought I’d try it out and be ready to toss it like the others but it survived the salt water just fine.

@Jim_Chisholm Thanks a ton Jim, really appreciate

please read the first post: This means that nothing here is for Android Wear, nothing here for square smartwatches.

He asked for input and opinions on the Lemfo, Finow and Amazfit.
I don’t see where anyone is discussing AW or square watches.