Hello, This smartwatch no1 d5 is compatible to iOS and write sms text ?

Hello, This smartwatch no1 d5 is compatible to iOS and write sms text ?
Anyone help me?

Unfortunately I do not have an IPhone but this watch was never really meant to be a companion device. It is designed to be a stand alone phone. Some members have had varying results using it as a companion device but I am not sure about IOS.
Sorry I can’t help much more than that.

No, you cannot write SMS via D5. You just can read on the watch the SMS received on the iphone when iPhone and D5 are connected via BT.

Ok Tks, but I see the guy write sms text with smartwatch.i need smartwatch write sms text anyone help?

It’s possible to write SMS when you place a SIM card inside the D5 and use it as a real Phonewatch. But you cannot write an SMS from the D5 keyboard and then send it to the iPhone to be delivered. I have also a different smartwatch (Lemfo LEM1 DM365 Smart Watch). With this smartwatch you can speak and receive calls directly from it when connected via BT to the iPhone… But, yet, again, even with LEM1 DM365 Smart Watch you cannot write SMS.

Anyone smartwatch write sms text to iPhone ?

I have written sms and set to iphone from the watch. Works fine. If you mean remote control of sms to I-Phone then no…

meant answering a sms without using the iphone writing through the smartwatch

Pablo, can you please clarify? If I write an sms from D5 (we no sim card inside) when I am connected to the iphone via BT, there is no way to send what I have written to the iPhone.

Correct - there is no way - yet. This was designed as a stand alone device. We are looking at companion apps but need a good app developer with heaps of spare time :slight_smile:

Excuse me not entenderam.o I want is to send a sms starting the smartwatch without the card inside it to another number , as if to send alert by mobile phone but in this case sending the clock

Not possible at the moment