Hello..! Someone who can do this?

Hello…! Someone who can do this? Thank you!!

Is this a digital or mechanical watch? Nice design. I may take a stab at it if it’s a mechanical.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Yes, it’s mechanical … if you could, I’d appreciate it! is very pretty. Thank you!

@Santi_Pombal just give me a little bit, my kids are currently using the computer.

@Nicholas_Herczeg do not worry … do not hurry … when you can … even after a week😅

@Santi_Pombal Thank you. We also have the flu and strep going through our house. I have the latter, but I don’t need to speak to design. I also have the Trumpwatch to design for someone else, as well. That should be funny. XD

I’m also working on this one. :wink:


Started yesterday on this one and finished it today.
@Nicholas_Herczeg can also make one.

missing/deleted image from Google+