Hello, someone wanted to do the red version of my Casio DB300,

Hello, someone wanted to do the red version of my Casio DB300, so here it is.

Left circle - seconds
Bottom circle - 24 hours
Right display - digital time and weekday + animation.
I tested it just on my Finow X3 Plus.

Download - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0kWM5xDM9m9cEZONWg3T2dTejg/view?usp=sharing

Original design - http://ix.sk/qfXxU


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Dream come true.

very nice, thnx u…:smiley:

Great work. The only thing I miss is the battery indicator? Can you replace the bottom circle with battery stats? Thanks!

Bellissima sia la versione rossa che blu. È possibile avere un file zip ?

Holy cr…ap… :smiley: niceeee :slight_smile:

nice, thank`s.

@Reiko_Winkler Here you go buddy. I replaced the 24h indicator with a 360 indicator of the battery…

Thank you, Pavel. It’s perfect!

how can i setup this great watchface on my dm368 plz eplain this point … thank u

I am glad you like it guys. i have another Casio watchface in production. I will finish it this week. I really like the developement of watch faces in CSM, it is really easier than making watch faces for no.1 G3 or G5

@Techs_with_Ahmad_Adn I would like to help you, but i do not know, how to do it.

@Reiko_Winkler I am glad, it works OK for you

Hi Pavel, it seems battery stat is not working 100%. currently the pink battery hand shows to somehwere else while a black hand is behind and shows the right stat. very weird…

Yes, very nice! THX!

I tried to add array_arc_battery in clockskin maker but it wouldn’t show up in the watch. Something wrong with the battery state for this clockface. Please let me know the work around. Thanks!

Hello bro this face Please! :cry::cry::cry:
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Pavel_Bartos amazing work friend keep it up

@ayad_279 hello ayad iam glad to see your comment

@Pavel_Bartos i did it thanx