Hello, my smartwatch emits many electromagnetic waves,

Hello, my smartwatch emits many electromagnetic waves, there is a way to reduce or completely waive the electromagnetic waves?
I turned off Wi-Fi, data connection, Bluetooth, but electromagnetic waves are still high. What can I do?

I haven’t heard that one before. How exactly are you measuring the electromagnetic waves? I had a clock once that automatically set the time from signals from WWV (the radio time station), but it was always in the wrong time zone. So I wrapped it in about 3 layers of aluminum foil and that shielded it. You may want to try wrapping your watch that way just to test for yourself if the electromagnetic waves stop coming from the watch. IF they do, you may be able to create a casing for shielding. Another option would be to go back to a traditional watch with no battery and no electronics.

An actual use for the Tin Foil Hat has finally arrived. Will keep the Aliens away too :slight_smile: